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Wireless Theater System

Review Wireless Theater System Models To Suit All Budgets

Wireless Theater System

With the latest wireless technology affecting all electronic industries, consumers are eager to explore the options for a wireless system when it comes to designing a home theater solution. A wireless home theatre system can bring your sound and pictures to life with versatile speakers that can be placed in accordance with the décor and design of your entertainment space. There are a number of makes and models that vary in features and price. The higher end models naturally provide a higher quality experience. The lower end models, whilst not as feature rich, do not necessarily compromise on quality. With a little discernment and research, you can examine the options and find a solution that meets your budget and requirements. The following examines some popular wireless theater systems that can cater to all tastes and budgets.

At the lower end of the market, you can purchase a Panasonic wireless home theater system. Whilst not big on features, it won't burn a hole in your pocket. For a base price of around $169, the Panasonic SC-HT640 Wireless Theater System comprises a 5 disc CD/DVD changer, 225 Watt RMS subwoofer system and supports MP3, WMA and JPEG formats. It has a five speaker setup. It you are looking for a basic no frills setup then this system is from a reputable manufacturer. It will bring your entertainment to life without breaking the bank.

Wireless Theater System

For a little more, around the $300 mark, you can pick up a Sony wireless home theater system that is high quality and is a significant reduction in price form that touted a few years ago. The Sony DAV-HDX267W DVD home theater system provides a high quality DVD changer with a HD multimedia interface which permits connection to a high definition television to improve picture quality and sound. This is a 6 piece satellite/subwoofer speaker package that utilizes an AV receiver and a five disc DVD changer. The 720p/1080i DVD up scaling via the HDMI speaker calibration and digital media port that permits accessory upgrading and wireless surround speakers make this wireless theater system an impressive bang for your buck considering that comparable features would have cost upwards of $1000 a few years ago.

Pioneer wireless home theater systems are also a popular choice from a reputable manufacturer. For around $650, the Pioneer HTP-4600 Home Theater delivers an impressive 1000 watts total power output and its sleek design will make an attractive addition to any entertainment room. This wireless theater system was designed with simplicity and practicality in mind since it is easy to setup and the detachable/pivoting surround speakers permit optimal 3 spot positioning for impractical situations. This system is not for someone who is looking for versatility to upgrade or add additional components at a later stage due to its lack of connections. It is a mid range solution that will serve the needs of the consumer who is looking to add to their entertainment experience without spending a large amount of money.

It you are looking for the ultimate home theater system with a slim, sleek and stylish design that is feature packed then it's difficult to go past the Sony DAVLF1H Platinum DVD Dream(R) System. This wireless theater system has a 5.1 channel, six speaker surround sound, DVD's and CD capability and supports the latest super audio compact discs (SACD's) with a HDMI output. It also provides a digital input for digital satellite programming and has full digital pro logic II sound and digital cinema sound processing for the devoted music fan. You can expect to cough up $1400 for this system so it is not designed for those with a budget in mind.

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