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Whole House Music System

Whole House Music System Options For Multizone And Mutisource Entertainment

Whole House Music System

For many, the dream of owning a whole house music system conjures up images of a multi-million dollar home with expensive audio equipment. In reality, piping music throughout your house isn't as difficult as it sounds. A whole music system provides the ability to channel music to multiple rooms or zones. The functional capabilities of this type of setup is versatile; it can involve either multi-zone music system or multi-source music system. A multi-zone setup utilizes a speaker switcher to channel music to different rooms. A multi-source music system provides the ability to pipe different sources to different rooms. A whole house audio system can include additional media capabilities such as DVD's or TV's. This article looks at some of the different ways you can create a whole house music system.

If you own a new home theater receiver, you may be able to take advantage of it's built in whole house music system capabilities. Many of these systems have multiple output ports that you can utilize by purchasing speaker wire and separate whole house speakers that can be placed in the desired rooms. There are many popular brands and models that can support this capability. Some popular models include: Denon AVR-3808CI, Denon AVR-1508, Yamaha RX-497, Yamaha RX-V661, Sony ES STR-DA3200ES and the Sony ES STR-DA5200ES. You can also create a multi-zone setup form a single source by using a separate set of speakers and using the A/B split to allocate between two zones. This is a more restricted setup but it can work if you only require music in one or two rooms.

Whole House Music System

More advanced whole house audio systems can provide multi-zone and multi-source capability to several zones. This is essentially by way of a switch box that sends the music source to different zones via a line level amplifier or a built in amplifier that sends speaker level signals to selected rooms. There are several whole house music systems on the market that can support this capability. Examples include: the Nuvo Essentia, Russound Whole House Music System, the Onkyo TX-8211 Receiver (4 Room capability), Onkyo TX-8511 Amplifier (8 pair speaker capability).

If you have network wiring throughout your house to support computer systems then you can also use this setup to distribute music to multiple zones. With the advances being made in technology, you can also consider wireless technology applications to create a whole house music system. There are many practical ways to create a whole audio system that can suit all budgets and preferences. It's just a matter of researching the options and selecting a solution that fits your functional requirements and budget.

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