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Samsung Theater System

Samsung Theater System - A Samsung Theater System Review Of Some Popular Models

Samsung Theater System

Buying a home theater system is a daunting proposition when one isn't entirely sure what they want. There are a variety of things that need to be considered when making such a large purchase as well. Room size, compatibility of equipment, cost and manufacturer are all things the consumer must be aware of when the set out to shop. Considering a Samsung home theater system could make things easier.

First priority is knowing what you want to spend on a Samsung home theater system. If you looking for something small that would be great in the bedroom, the Samsung MMDS80 micro system prices around $127.00. It is a 2.1 system with DVD/CD player, tape deck and receiver. It also comes with the video cables, something many systems require you purchase separately. If you are looking for something bigger and don't mind spending some money, there are plenty of mid-range 5.1 systems available, such as the Samsung HTX250. This system provides you with five speakers, a subwoofer, receiver, and DVD player. The audio is Dolby Digital DTS and Dolby Pro logic for a clear and crisp sound and the system prices right around $400.00. Samsung also offer systems that price close to a thousand dollars. Usually the only difference between the mid-range systems and the higher-ranged systems is the wattage of the speakers and the smaller perks, such as wireless capability.

Samsung Theater System

Style and space considerations are other things consumers look at when purchasing a Samsung home theater system. The Samsung HTTXQ120 system offers tall thin speakers that can be easily placed between two bookcases and takes up minimal space. This particular system, pricing around $1,300.00, has received numerous awards and is one of the few systems that support the new 1080p HD format. Other systems offer what are referred to as 'bookshelf' speakers. Small and compact, they still have the same quality sound with a fraction of the size. The Samsung HT-DB600/HT-DB650 is a perfect example of a 5.1 speaker system with small speakers.

Many consumers may be interested in the newer technology of a Samsung home theater with 6.1 surround sound. The Samsung HT-P1200 offers the consumer a 6.1 channel system. It has four speakers, a subwoofer and center speaker as well as a five-disc DVD/CD player, receiver, wireless capability and the latest in HD technology. It prices at $600.00. A word of caution to consumers: while this system is listed as a 6.1 channel system, you only receive five speakers and the subwoofer. There is a hookup on the receiver for a sixth speaker and the system is able to simulate a movie theaters 9.1 (nine speakers, one subwoofer) sound.

There are a few things every consumer should remember when purchasing a Samsung home theater system. Take into consideration how much speaker wire you will need in order to connect your speakers to the receivers if they are not part of a wireless system. If they are wireless, make sure that nothing is interfering with the path of the signal from the speaker to the receiver.

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