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Samsung Surround Sound

A Review Of Samsung Surround Sound Systems

Samsung Surround Sound

When shopping for a surround sound system, consumers will find that they have a variety of options, not only in the system they are looking for, but also who makes them. Samsung, a leader in electronics, offers consumers numerous options. Whether you are looking for a simple system, or one that has Dolby logic, Samsung surround sound systems have something for everyone. The following Samsung surround sound system reviews examine some of the popular Samsung models.

The first thing a consumer must consider is how much they want to spend on the system. Systems can be purchased for as little as 180 dollars, such as the Samsung surround sound HTX30R. This system provides you with five speakers, a subwoofer, receiver, and DVD player. The audio is Dolby Digital DTS and Dolby Pro logic for a clear and crisp sound. The Samsung HT-X200 system, while slightly more expensive, is a smaller system with only two speakers, a subwoofer, receiver and DVD player. On the higher end of the price spectrum is the Samsung HTTXQ120 1000-Watt home theater system, pricing at 1,100 dollars, offers a 5.1 system with other options, such as wireless readiness and USB hosting capabilities.

Samsung Surround Sound

Style and space considerations are other things consumers look at when purchasing a Samsung surround sound system. The HTTXQ120 system offers tall thin speakers that can be easily placed between two bookcases and takes up minimal space. Other systems offer what are referred to as 'bookshelf' speakers. Small and compact, they still have the same quality sound with a fraction of the size. The Samsung HT-DB600/HT-DB650 is a perfect example of a 5.1 speaker system with small speakers.

If you are looking for a system for your computer, a Samsung surround sound system may be the answer. Samsung's HTX-200R is a small 2.1 system with DVD player that come ready to connect to your USB. The speakers are Dolby and the system is wireless enabled. Granted, watching a movie on a small computer screen may not be as much fun as watching it on the television, but if that is all you have, it will at least sound good.

One drawback to Samsung's surround sound system line is that they currently do not offer a 6.1 or 7.1 system. 7.1 is the newest technology available, offering two additional speakers for the sides of the room in addition to the other 5. While not a necessity, this could be a selling point when deciding whether or not to invest money in a Samsung system.

There are a few things every consumer should remember when purchasing a surround sound system. Take into consideration how much speaker wire you will need in order to connect your speakers to the speakers if they are not part of a wireless system. If they are wireless, make sure that nothing is interfering with the path of the signal from the speaker to the receiver. Always make sure your DVD player will work with the receiver. Some Samsung surround sound systems may not come with a DVD player, so your older one needs to be compatible.

Any room can accommodate a surround sound system. From big or small, a Samsung surround sound system may be just what you are looking for.

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