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The Home Theater All In One - A Practical Home Theater Entertainment Center

Home Theater All In One


When it comes to buying a home theater system many people are both intimidated and fearful of taking on what looks like a totally alien process.  The home theater all in one has alleviated much of this trepidation because it comes in one box with easy instructions, components that are color coded and the promise of simple setup. These home theaters systems originally came only as speakers, amplifiers and cables that you hooked to your own television set.

Demand has been steadily increasing for a home theater kit because they are simple and easy. As a result, the home theater all in one has become extremely popular. Home theater entertainment center buyers expect convenience and not hassle when purchasing and installing a system.

Purchasing a prepackaged home theater entertainment unit has many benefits.

- Convenience

- Ease of setup

- Fast setup

- Compatibility

- Price

Home theaters all in one systems with speakers/amplifiers where you plug in your own television range from a modest $200 to $2000 for more elaborate systems. They all have one thing in common. Prepackaged box kits are easy. You can go to the store and actually see and hear the system prior to buying it.

Home theaters all in one systems usually cost less than buying components one by one. It is also easier to purchase something with one price than having different prices for different pieces. It comes down to listening, figuring out what you are willing to pay and comparing boxes.

There has been add ons to the basic speaker/amplifier home theaters in that they've now included things like televisions, dvd recorders calling it Instant Theater. Priced at around $2,000, some retailers have put more into the home theater all in one system. These home theater entertainment systems are dropping in price and are becoming much more popular. Adding all-in-one projectors systems, you plug it in, insert your favorite DVD, pop some popcorn and you are ready to experience the full theater experience. The projectors work on any wall, although a high-contrast screen is preferable.

The current crop of home theater all in one systems still need some improvement, giving a soft around the edges look which most people won't notice. The sound quality is dependent upon which system you buy, but some of the time it sounds like your computer speakers. When purchasing you really need to take your time and listen to each system.

Home theater all in one runs on DLP technology created by Texas Instruments. DLP chips steadily improving and dropping in price with each generation. There has been one potential problem with DLP sets known as the rainbow effect. Some people can see brief streaks of color in images with black fields and some bright features like space scenes. All in all, the technology is reducing in price and there are improvements with every new release. Home theater all in one 2.0 is on its way and promises to be head and shoulders above an already pretty nice system.


Home Theater All In One

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