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7.1 Home Theater System

Selecting A 7.1 Home Theater System - All About 7.1 Surround Sound

7.1 Home Theater System

With the prices of movie tickets climbing closer and closer to ten dollars a ticket even for a matinee, many people are opting to rent their movies and stay home. There are definite advantages to this, such as being able to pause it for a popcorn or bathroom run. There is no reason why a family can't enjoy a movie, though, without the same theater quality surround sound if they are willing to do a little homework and make a wise investment in a 7.1 home theater system.

For anyone who is technology savvy, putting together a home theater system is a matter of deciding which parts they want, what type of speakers they prefer, and how much speaker wire they need. The first thing anyone interested in buying a new system needs to know is what that 7.1 stands for. 7 refers to the number of outputs - speakers - in the surround sound system. The 1 refers to the number of subwoofers - the bass speaker - in the system. So, that means you get seven speakers to place around your room and 1 subwoofer. With this system, you get two speakers that go in the front, two speakers that go on the side, and two speakers that go in the rear. Your subwoofer should go on the floor beneath your television set if possible. As you can see, you need a good sized room for this.

7.1 Home Theater System

Of course when considering a 7.1 home theater system you also need to take stock of the equipment you are plugging all of this into. If you are going with a pre-packaged home theater in a box deal, you will get a receiver - and sometimes a DVD player - with the speakers. If not, make sure the receiver, which is what drives the sound to your speakers, is made for a 7.1 surround sound system. Also, make sure your current DVD player is equipped to plug into a receiver and home sound system. If it does not have audio output jacks on the back of it, you may want to consider purchasing a new one.

One thing many people forget to remember is speaker wire. When going to purchase your system, have an idea where you want to place your speakers around the living room first. Two will go behind the couch or main seating area, two to the side, and two next to the receiver. Make sure you account for your speaker wire and have a good approximation of how much you will need to run to the rear speakers. Many people find themselves running back to the electronics store halfway through setting up their home system because they didn't have enough wire.

Don't be afraid to ask for professional help in deciding which 7.1 home theater system is the best for your taste and budget. Have your electronics professional show you each one. Ask them to explain the pros and cons of each system. Getting the right home theater speaker system will bring you and your family countless hours of enjoyment.

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